The Cup Of Our Life: A Guide to Spiritual Growth

By Author Joyce Rupp

Today I have been exploring this book with colleagues in pastoral care.  Using cups dear to us, we have reflected upon the sorrows our cups hold, and then poured them out.  We have made visual expressions of the blessings that have grown from those (or in spite of) sorrows.  And then we filled our cup with symbols of things that clutter our spiritual life and keep our cup too full to receive the fullness of life offered to us.  This book offers a useful guide for reconnecting with one’s spiritual life, whether it’s used in a group or private setting.

A Repost From Inward/, a daily service of Church of our Saviour in Washington, DC

Absolutely New and Profoundly Disturbing

By Thomas Merton

The greatest temptation that assails Christians is that in effect, for most of us, the Gospel has ceased to be news. And if it is not news it is not Gospel: for the Gospel is the proclamation of something absolutely new, everlastingly new, not a message that was once new but is now two thousand years old…. The message of the Gospel when it was first preached was profoundly disturbing to those who wanted to cling to well-established religious patterns, the ancient and accepted ways, the ways that were not dangerous and which contained no surprises.  (post from 11/06/2012)